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Meal Kit Crazy

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


Post by Darren Wogman

I think I must have tried at least 1 meal kit from all the different partnerships out there. Some are definitely better than others, but nearly all of them a quite pricey.

I've taken the view that I'm not really going out, so I'm paying a bit more than I would for a takeaway, and I have to cook it myself...which now I think about it sounds like a terrible trade off!

In actual fact, I've loved them. Often takeaways are sub-par, arrive late and cold and food doesn't travel so well. The meal kits have been a great way to try something I wouldn't otherwise cook for myself and to scratch the itch of eating something a bit more special.

However, not all meal kits are created equal. Some very much feel like a bit of a cash grab, where restaurants have quickly cobbled something together to get in on the hype. Other times, you can tell that a lot of thought and effort has gone in to the planning and execution of the little bundles of joy that arrive at my doorstep with the big yellow sticker on, explaining that there's something tasty inside, and it's not just that thing from Amazon, I probably didn't need anyway.

I'm planning on making a few posts about the different meal kits I've had, to spread the word and, hopefully, give you some inspiration.

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