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Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren| Roti King's Malaysian Feast

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Post by Darren Wogman

It took me so long to get round to writing up a brilliant meal from Dishpatch that it's actually no longer being offered! So, I've tried to be hasty with this fantastic meal from Roti King.

First Impressions

£50 may sound pricey for a meal kit, but once you appreciate quite the volume of food that's included, it's very good value!

Not only do you get plenty of the deliciously morish Roti Chanai - this is quite similar to Indian Paratha, if you're not familiar with it. You also have enough Laksa for two pretty hefty bowls (and all the bits you'd expect), and a separate chicken curry and two dessert choices.

If you like Malaysian food, this is definitely something to think about. I felt like my kitchen was transported to Kuala Lumpur when I was getting this all ready. The smells, colours and tastes were all spot on and authentic.

View of Roti Chani, Laksa, Chicken Curry and Dessert from Roti King Malaysian Feast by Dishpatch. Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren|
The Full Malaysian Feast

Image credit: Dishpatch

On to the Cooking

The steps were really easy to follow, every item is numbered whcih correpsonds perfectly to the cooking direction. This might sound obvious, but it's not always the way. In short, everything just needs to be heated up in a saucepan. The rotis are finished off in a dry frying pan.

The only bit of assembly comes in with the laksa, in as much as you need to add the noddles to the broth which already includes all the lovely extra like fish balls.

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

Delicious! It's so so tasty. It's also pretty fiery, if spice isn't your thing, find something else! The serving sizes are also enormous and to be totally honest, I couldn't finish everything in one sitting - which suited me as I could have left over the next day!

The chicken curry was also amazing. Succulent pieces of chicken in a rich deep anf flavourful sauce. This whole kit was top notch,

And a very special mention for the rotis. Now, coming from a restaurant called Roti King, there are clearly high expectations. Believe me, these absolutely delivered! I found myself finishing them all, even when I was full to bursting point. They're just so tasty, flaky and exactly what they should be. I was surprised how well these turned out at home - it's often these sorts of parts to a meal that don't translate well in your own kitchen. There's clearly been a lot of time spent in getting these right. And they are right!

Roti King's Roti and Chicken Curry.  Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren|
Roti and Chicken Curry, for your dipping pleasure

Image credit: Dishpatch

..I nearly forgot about the dessert, if you can manage to even squeeze any more into your now totally filled belly, there is a little sweet treat waiting for you, two in fact!

Kuih Dadar, a kind of coconut pancake and a piece of Baked cassava cake. The perfect finish to a powerful and punchy meal.

Kuih Dadar from Roti King's Malaysian Feast. Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren|
Kuih Dadar. A sweet end to a great meal

Final Thoughts

Another Darren Wogman | Hungry Darren 10/10 👍👍!

At first glance at the price might give you second thoughts. Get over them, quickly. This is worth every penny. The portion sizes alone make this easily two meal's worth of food. Then the punchy authentic flavours, textures and complexity knock this out the park.

I am definitely going to be keeping my eye's peeled on Dishpatch to see if there are any more offerings from Roti King. If this even remotely sounds like something you might want to try, do yourself a favour and go for it!

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