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Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren| Rendang (no) Thank You Ma'am

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Post by Darren Wogman

This is one direct from their own website. A sort of pan-Asian Rendang. Available in Beef, Chicken or Jackfruit - with gluten free options too.

Branded as "Rendang! Thank you Ma'am"

Rendang Thank You Ma'am - Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren|
Rendang Thank You Ma'am

Image Credit: Rendang Thank You Ma'am

First Impressions

Each kit is £10, but you need to order a minimum of 2, and then there's £5 delivery fee. So despite initial appearances, this is really a £25 kit.

Everything arrives well packaged and is decently sized. The rendang curry, uncooked rice, sambal and some crispy fried onions, to sprinkle over the top.

Rendang Thank You Ma'am Meal Kit - Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren|
Rendang Thank You Ma'am Meal Kit

On to the Cooking

The instructions are pretty straightforward, it's just a case of heating up the rendang and cooking the rice. Not really much to say on this one. #Simples.

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

Rendang Thank You Ma'am, Finished Dish - Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren|
Rendang Thank You Ma'am - Finished Dish

Image Credit: Rendang Thank You Ma'am

Disappointing. Really disappointing. There's a leaflet included in the box that explains the creators 'journey' to carefully and tirelessly developing this rendang, so hope are definitely raised, and come crashing down.

This is nothing noteworthy whatsoever, in fact, it doesn't taste particularly authentic and is definitely not as flavourful or tender as I was hoping. I think that really, they'd be better off with a pulled beef - at least then you'd get a better texture for the beef brisket.

The instructions for the rice result in something quite poor. I like to follow the instructions closely, because I may learn something. Here the lesson is, stick with a rice that works!

Final Thoughts


I feel really bad about this one. Clearly the creator thinks they've got something very special here and has put a serious amount of work in, getting it to the place it's in. However, it's just not very good....and the rice directions are appalling.

I'm afraid it's more of a Rendang, No Thank You Ma'am from Darren Wogman | Hungry Darren.

Maybe I just had a bad batch? I do hope that was the case! Please do try it yourself and let me know.

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