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Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren| Pork Belly Flatbread from 10 Greek Street

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Post by Darren Wogman

Yet another meal kit from Dishpatch, I feel like I'm getting a bit predictable! This one is from 10 Greek Street.

First Impressions

While in previous reviews I've justified the hefty price tag, this time £50 really is probably too much for what's provided.

This meal kit does come with a fair few add-ons, but that's exactly how they feel, add-ons. I'm not sure this one really feels so joined up. For £50, I'd like everything to feel like it has a proper place in the meal.

View of all the constituent parts of the meal kit. Darren Wogman |Hungry Darren|
Pork Belly Flatbread Meal

Image credit: Dishpatch

On to the Cooking

The instructions are pretty straight forward, although you do need to read them through a couple of times to work out the sequencing. Having said that, the only warm part is the Pork Belly.

I think I have some kind of mental block over my ability to cook a decent pork belly. Every time I've had it in a meal kit, I've struggled. It seems to stick to the foil/paper and sort of fall apart during the cooking, or ends up overcooked. This was no exception. Mine certainly did not look anything like the photo :-(

Everything else was an assembly job, just needing to dress items and stick them in a bowl/dish.

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

The pork belly itself was fine, I ate the whole thing, but the flavour wasn't particularly special. There was a glaze to apply which was congealed when it arrived, so I warmed it through in the microwave, so I could apply it as per the instructions.

The flat bread was nice, albeit a little thick/tough for my taste - perhaps I could have toasted this?

The side dishes were alright, nothing I'd be too keen to have again. The beans and chickpeas tasted fine, but I'm really not clear how to fit together for this meal. Maybe I'm missing the point?

Dessert was just disappointing. Fundamentally, it was a couple of biscuits and clotted cream. Although the passion fruit curd was really well-balanced, the whole dish feel a bit flat and was not quite the ending I would have liked.

10 Greek Street's Sablé Breton, strawberries, passionfruit curd, clotted cream
Dessert - Sablé Breton, strawberries, passionfruit curd, clotted cream

Image credit: Dishpatch

Final Thoughts

Another Darren Wogman | Hungry Darren disappointment. 6/10

The price is really quite outrageous given what it pays for. Ultimately, you're buying a piece of pork belly, bread, yoghurt, beans, chickpeas and a biscuit for £50.

The kit doesn't really come together into a cohesive meal, the side dishes feel like add-ons and the whole thing was just a bit..meh. a real shame.

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